About Us

We recently opened 7.62 X 54r Ammo Sales to help fill the gap in ammunition availability for 7.62 x 54r ammo given the Russian sanctions. Please visit our store by clicking below. We have a limited # of cans of 440 rds and crates of 880 rds available so place your order quickly before supplies run out. You never know if these sanctions will be lifted in the foreseeable future. We will be taking orders online, paypal and credit cards. Shipping is actual ups shipping from 48060. ALL SALES FINAL!!! NO RETURNS!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! WE WILL NOT SHIP AMMUNITION WHERE IT IS NOT LEGAL TO SHIP. KNOW YOUR STATES LAWS. IF YOU ORDER AMMUNITION AND WE CANNOT SHIP TO YOU, YOU ARE SUBJECT TO A 10% restocking fee. Please see terms and conditions for other requirements.