At 7.62X54r Ammo Sales we have 7.62x54r Russian Surplus silver tip Ammunition is available. For your shooting supplies we carry Factory 188  Surplus Russian 7.62x54r ammo which features a copper washed steel case and full metal jacketed 147grn light ball steel-core bullet. Through the 1970's this ammunition featured a painted silver tip but the silver tip was transitioned out during the Late 1970's & early 1980's and still uses Corrosive Berdan Primer. Packaged 440rds to a sealed "spam" can, and 2 cans (880rds) in a wooden crate. Can opener included on orders of 2-cans or greater only. It is great for your Mosin Nagant rifle, semiautomatic rifles, VEPR, and fully automatic machine guns that shoot 7.62x54r. There will never be any more 7.62x54r ammo imported due to the Russian sanctions in place. Or at least no 7.62x54r Russian Surplus in the foreseeable future! We have post 1977 factory 188 7.62x54r ammo spam cans as well but from 1978 on they phased out painting the  silver tip. We have 7.62x54r ammo from the other factories and we carry Bulgarian circle 10 ammo as well. Our Bulgarian is Bulgarian Circle 10 7.62x54R FMJ Boat Tail 147 Grain Ammunition - 440 Rounds / spam can and 880rds / crate

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